Natural jewelry

What are the most sought after natural stones to wear as jewelry?

The jewel is this object being used to embellish the body presentation that can be worn on the clothing, on or even in the body. Often made with metals, it requires the work of the jeweler to give shape to…

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A llok at the symbols associated to amethyst jewelry

There are different types of jewelry modern, traditional, ancient or even occasions. Now, let’s talk about amethyst jewelry that was worn in time by Egyptian gods such as Pharaoh and His Queen. If you have ever seen photos or videos…

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Minerals, stones, crystals, fossils: the jewelry boom of the mineral universe

Accessories are essential to add value to your clothing look. In this range, there are a multitude of choices to be found. To make things easier, natural stone jewelry remains a timeless classic and always full of charm. Indeed, they…

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What are the powers of lithotherapy jewelry?

Did you know that stones offer many benefits and that you only need to wear them in jewelry to enjoy them? Treatment with stones (or stone therapy) is indeed an effective way to fight against loss of energy, inflammation and…

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