Jewelry tips

How to recognize a real diamond?

Diamonds are most sought after for their brilliance, rarity and brilliance. Inevitably, because of their high value, there are substitutes and imitations. They were developed by a diamond industry, also for industrial use because of their extreme hardness. Find out…

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Which types of clothes can match a turquoise piece of jewel ?

Turquoise is definitely a unique natural stone with the color blue, which gave the name of the color turquoise blue. Used over time for decoration in ancient Egypt, this mineral with medicinal effects on the human body, is today one…

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Get help here if you find the world of jewelry too complicated for you

From watches to rings to necklaces and brooches, millions of people are currently looking for practical advice on how to buy and sell different types of jewelry.¬†Although some people use toothpaste to clean their gold, silver or gemstones, jewelers do…

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5 tips to choose your engagement ring

After several months of reflection or simply a sudden urge, you will pass the milestone and ask him the question that will change your path for life. An exceptional setting, a magical request, the only thing missing is a dream…

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Exotic wood jewelry: a must-have in ethnic fashion

The vacations are coming soon, and you are still looking for jewelry and accessories to sublimate your summer outfits? THE trend of the moment is ethnic inspired jewelry, whether for necklaces, earrings, bracelets or even rings. Today we will focus…

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