Ethnic Jewelry

Ethnic jewelry: what exactly is it?

True art object, the ethnic jewel is the witness of a cultural and artistic identity of the Maya, Hindu, African, American culture… It was thus manufactured by the old ethnic groups of the four corners of the planet, sometimes in…

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The different types of traditional Indian jewelry

Jewelry has always been an accessory arousing curiosity and envy. All civilizations have their own characteristic goldsmith’s art. Among all known ethnic products, traditional Indian jewelry is gaining popularity today. Thanks to the development of the Bollywood phenomenon, India’s cultural…

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Ethnic jewelry: it is also leather, fabric and feather!

Do you want to travel and discover other civilizations, and all this without leaving far from home? Ethnic jewelry can be a solution for you. Made with leather, fabric or feather, these trendy jewels are the most authentic we can…

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Is an ethnic jewel necessarily manufactured in an ethical way?

There is often a tendency to assimilate ethnic jewelry and traditions. However, to be at the top of fashion today, nothing beats this type of jewelry and the charm that emanates from it. These jewels are generally conceived in the…

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