Ethnic jewelry: it is also leather, fabric and feather!

Do you want to travel and discover other civilizations, and all this without leaving far from home? Ethnic jewelry can be a solution for you. Made with leather, fabric or feather, these trendy jewels are the most authentic we can wear. The bohemian aspect of the ethnic jewels holds of the materials used and the many accessories which form it. This style of ethnic jewelry is declined in many ways for both women and men.


Synonymous with solidity and resistance over time, ethnic leather jewelry gives this impression of power and strength to its wearer. The most popular models are braided leather bracelets and necklaces. Nevertheless, always be careful to wear real leather and not imitation leather that will deteriorate over time (and take away all the originality of your ethnic jewelry). With a very malleable material, it is quite easy to maintain your ethnic leather jewelry by cleaning it with a clean dry cloth. If the dirt does not fade, do not hesitate to slightly wet a piece of the clean cloth in warm water mixed with Marseille soap, then rub gently and let it dry in the open air.


Ethnic fabric jewelry is made from African fabrics or Wax style such as kenté, loincloth or bogolanou or from Asian ethnic fabrics such as Hmong or Miao. Characterized by their brightly colored prints that mark every stage of a person's emotional and social life, ethnic fabric jewelry can bring the touch of pep that your outfits need. Featuring wax long or choker necklaces and cuffs as flagship models, fabric ethnic jewelry can decorate gold, silver, wood or brass. Timeless, this style of jewelry can be adapted to any circumstances and with any type of clothing. To maintain them, be careful not to leave them too much wet or they may soften the fabrics.


Expression of purification, spirituality and peace, ethnic feather jewels are the bohemian jewels par excellence. By wearing them, ethnic feather jewels will bring a touch of romanticism and lightness to your different outfits. The iconic long and thin feather necklaces and earrings bring this effect of harmony just perfect to refine your silhouette. Ethnic feather jewelry brings a unique charm to those who wear them and you will have the choice between natural feathers and Indian feathers. To wear them better, you can choose rather sober clothes with tone-on-tone shades.
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