Ethnic jewelry: what exactly is it?

Published on : 25 November 20203 min reading time

True art object, the ethnic jewel is the witness of a cultural and artistic identity of the Maya, Hindu, African, American culture… It was thus manufactured by the old ethnic groups of the four corners of the planet, sometimes in the most remote areas of the world. This is why its meaning can differ from one tribe to another. This ancestral jewel comes in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes, and continues to attract the fashionistas. But, an ethnic jewel, what is it exactly?

Ethnic jewel: an authentic jewel

The ethnic jewelry testifies to an undeniable know-how of a whole tribe that was transmitted from generation to generation. This authentic piece is handcrafted by local craftsmen in the respect of their tradition. It can sometimes be adorned with precious stones or pearls. The ethnic jewel is especially appreciated for its original and exotic side. It has inspired many famous designers to create the bohemian chic style of modern fashion.

Ethnic jewelry: a revolutionary piece

The ethnic jewel was used in particular to protect from bad luck. It symbolizes protection and power. Its meaning is specific to each ethnic group. It represents much more than a way of life, a custom or an art. Made from pure materials and in a handcrafted manner, ethnic jewelry is strong and resistant. These ornamental pieces come in many variations, the most popular of which are ethnic bracelets, necklaces and earrings. They match all kinds of outfits and bring a touch of fantasy to them. Wearing an ethnic jewel is enough to create a style that is out of the ordinary. It has even become the fetish accessory of modern times.

Ethnic jewelry: an ancestral know-how

The design of an ethnic jewel has become a work in itself. It contributes to the development of traditional art, but this does not mean that the ethnic jewel does not enter the air of time. On the contrary, it is a real fashion accessory that has become trendy over the years. It is especially known for its ecological side. Indeed, for its manufacture, the creators of jewels bet on natural materials such as the horn, the mother-of-pearl, the wood, the shell or the feather. This underlines their ethnic side. There are all styles, all patterns and all colors. Each ethnic jewel is made differently according to a precise model specific to ancient tribes of Africa, Asia or America.

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