Essential accessory of the summer: how to make a braided bracelet?

You want to be up to date during the vacations? Why not make your own trendy accessory? Rainbow loom ring, braided bracelet, loom pendant, are just a few examples. Easy to design, they only take a few minutes. However, to wear one, you need the right tools and techniques.

 Make your own fancy bracelets

Finding the jewel to embellish your outfit is often difficult. Whether it is for a man or a woman, this step can take hours. However, there are many ways to make your look original. Indeed, some ornaments such as a braided bracelet can add a little extra. To create them, you don't need to go to a store, you just need the right materials. You can use strings, wool, leather or laces. In general, the material used depends on your desires, imagination and the clothes you want to adorn. Usually, models with shoe laces are made for all kinds of occasions. To create them, you need to have a pair, in leather or cotton. They should measure about 80 cm, in different colors or plain. You also need scissors, pliers and scotch tape at hand. Many novices start with three threads, in a lively and varied tone. The most common method is to tie the threads together. Then one of the threads is taken, tied with another and so on. Once this is done, the length of the braided bracelet is tried on and the original knot is untied.

Tips and ideas for a masterpiece

Summer is the opportunity to get out the light and flowery clothes. It is also the ideal time to wear a braided bracelet. Often offered as a gift or bought on the net, this kind of artifice is practical and not very bulky. You can make it alone, with the support of your friends or by following the tutorials on the internet. It is also possible to personalize and customize it. To do so, you can use beads, decorative buttons or beads. The latter can be supplied with the kit at the time of purchase or sold separately. However, before starting the work, it is important to check the condition of the threads and scissors. It is best to opt for non-stretch strings. On the support side, a knot holder as a central axis is perfect for knotting. Working in a quiet environment with a good atmosphere can also help.
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