How to recognize a real diamond?

Diamonds are most sought after for their brilliance, rarity and brilliance. Inevitably, because of their high value, there are substitutes and imitations. They were developed by a diamond industry, also for industrial use because of their extreme hardness. Find out how to recognize a real diamond.

The difference between a substitute or synthesis and a replica

An imitation will have the chemical composition and optical and physical properties that may be different from natural diamond, whereas synthetic diamond reproduces intrinsic characteristics. In fact, the best known and oldest imitation diamond is glass. Natural gemstones have also been used to imitate diamond such as quartz, colorless spinel and sapphire as well as zircon. Zirconium oxide is an artificial product used in the majority of jewelry that is made of imitation diamond. It is a synthetic stone with a very strong dispersion. Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral. It is almost as hard as a diamond and has an index of light refraction to that of zirconium oxide. It often has a yellowish hue. In general, moissanite is pure because it is processed in the laboratory. For more information, take a look at the diamond virtues by visiting

How to recognize fake diamonds?

Diamonds cannot be scratched, scratched, scratched. This is already an indication that can give you an indication of the nature of the stone, which can also be checked with a pen equipped with a borazon or corundum tip whose hardness is less than that of a diamond. Moreover, the very strong wear of a stone mounted in jewelry, especially in a pendant or ring, can also indicate that the stone is not really a diamond. For the majority of materials, diamond substitutes are designed in the laboratory. Usually, their hue is white. Thus, they are necessarily free of natural imperfections.

Already existing test methods

There are several fairly simple tests to determine whether the brilliant is an imitation, a substitute or a natural diamond such as the point and weight test. For the point test, simply place the stone on the table, on the black point marked on the white sheet. The point is not really visible through transparency, but is visible through the zircon. Regarding the weight, the stone is weighed with the precision balance.
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