Which types of clothes can match a turquoise piece of jewel ?

Turquoise is definitely a unique natural stone with the color blue, which gave the name of the color turquoise blue. Used over time for decoration in ancient Egypt, this mineral with medicinal effects on the human body, is today one of the most precious stones. Jewellers work it very well making this stone wearable on various occasions.

Colors to match with turquoise

Having various therapeutic properties, turquoise helps to keep calm and control anger. The turquoise stone of Minerals Kingdom is endowed with these virtues because it is of natural origin. Its striking blue color blends easily with other colors. Indeed, the turquoise blue will be more noticed in the evenings, so it harmonizes well with dark clothes, especially black, variations of dark blue and gray. In addition, it goes very well with bright yellow and white. However, this natural stone can be considered a passe-partout, it goes well with all colors, but paying attention to the gradations of blue.

Metals to associate with turquoise

Natural stones can play different roles on your jewelry. On the one hand, they can be ornaments only, to revive the metal, the main material of the jewel. Thus, turquoise can be associated with gold or silver as a pendant, ornamental stone for rings, earrings and bracelets. On the other hand, the yellow color of the gold makes the combination with this stone stand out more. Specialized jewelers know how to match it. However, turquoise can also be forged with other types of metal such as bronze, copper and others. But one can be sure that gold will give it more value. On the other hand, this ore alone can be the fundamental piece of jewelry. A bracelet, for example, can be entirely made of it.

How to take care of turquoise jewelry?

The quality of this mineral can vary according to the different deposits. However, it is not difficult to take care of jewelry made with this stone. To protect them from humidity is enough, keep them in their boxes in the drawer, and rub them with a dry cloth before wearing them. The maintenance is the same as the jewel totally in turquoise or just partially. Natural stone professionals can also give advice on how to take care of them.
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