What are the most sought after natural stones to wear as jewelry?

The jewel is this object being used to embellish the body presentation that can be worn on the clothing, on or even in the body. Often made with metals, it requires the work of the jeweler to give shape to these metals and thus obtain a precious element. But it is the person who wears it that gives more value to the jewel. The fact that the jewels are made with gold or silver, does not prevent that jewels made of stones are also very refined and fashionable, especially natural stones.

Why choose jewelry made of natural stones?

Jewelry made of natural stones, in addition to offering a selection of color, which you can't have with metals, have other virtues. Many researchers agree that they bring therapeutic merits, giving birth to lithotherapy. They provide positive effects on the health of those who wear them. However, Natural stones should be chosen according to the advice of professionals and their originality.

Natural stones to be worn in jewelry.

There are thousands of categories of natural stones, and even the stones that are considered the least precious can be used to produce dream jewelry. The very famous amethyst, once used for decoration in Egypt is known for its superior quality. This stone can be found on various royal crowns. Known for its beautiful purple color, amethyst has an effect in controlling excess anger and anxiety. Alexandrite is green in color and can be impregnated with darker colors, giving it a more beautiful appearance. It is the stone associated with love and jealousy. Diamond is one of the very rare and precious natural stones known to the public for its high price. It can currently be found with a variety of colors, but most often with transparent properties. Diamond is frequently used to adorn wedding rings. Another very rare natural stone is emerald, with its green color, considered the stone of harmonization of interpersonal relationships. Valued by orientals, especially the Chinese, jade visible in green, is known as the stone of tolerance. Other varieties of colors and characters of stones still exist. Jewellers specialized in the field can advise on their choice.

How to use natural stones?

Natural stones can be used as a pendant for precious metal necklaces. They can also decorate bracelets, rings and earrings. They can also be used as a unique material for jewelry making.
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