5 tips to choose your engagement ring

After several months of reflection or simply a sudden urge, you will pass the milestone and ask him the question that will change your path for life. An exceptional setting, a magical request, the only thing missing is a dream ring. It is legitimate to ask: how to choose the perfect ring to make my request? In this article, we give you all our tips to choose in the best conditions the engagement ring that will make your partner dream.

Our tips for choosing the right ring

Choose a ring that looks like it This jewel is unique, it must suit his usual tastes. Don't hesitate to be inspired by his jewelry box to find ideas. First, you can look at which color predominates his jewelry collection (pink gold, yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum). Also, it is important to look if the ring has stones. If there is an ornament, take care to remember the color or shape of the stone (round, oval, square, etc.). This particular jewel will represent your commitment so choose it with care and love. Respect a defined budget Before you even think about what the ring might look like, set a budget. This key indicator will allow you to focus and refine your search for the perfect ring. Remember, it's not the size of the gemstone that matters but the famous question. For your information, some metals are stronger than others, however, it requires a larger budget. For example, platinum is the metal that deteriorates the least quickly. On the other hand, gold and silver are known to oxidize and deform faster. Do not hesitate to personalize the ring The custom-made and personalized side is the little extra that brings a lot when discovering the ring. It can be the engraving of your date of meeting, an addition of stone that your spouse particularly likes or choose to multiply the colors of the metals. If you are attached to traditions, it is always possible to recover the family ring is to add a more modern effect. Moreover, your partner will be able to appropriate the jewel more. There are a multitude of ways to make a ring more personal, just be creative. Think about the wedding ring that is added to the engagement ring. Most often, an engagement ring is combined with a wedding ring on the same finger. Keep in mind that the wedding ring will complete the association between the two rings. In some cases, combinations are imagined, i.e. an engagement ring cannot go without the wedding ring and vice versa. Generally, it is advisable to have one ring with a gemstone on it and the other ring is chosen for its delicacy and delicacy.

And why not an eco-responsible jewel?

You are active in the protection of the environment. What if your engagement ring respected your ecological convictions? If you attach great importance to these aspects, it is possible to find ethical and eco-responsible wedding jewelry on the market. The jewelers who offer this style of jewelry respect certain precise production rules, such as: gold recycling, respect for human and environmental standards. Aspects not to be neglected even for the choice of a jewel of a lifetime. You have a doubt about the size of the ring finger of your left hand? The simplest way is to stimulate the desire for a new jewel, like a watch. Go to a jewelry store and don't hesitate to have your partner try on rings. A step that will give you a first clue as to what would please him/her. Now you have all the keys in hand to successfully choose a ring, it's up to you!
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