What are the powers of lithotherapy jewelry?

Did you know that stones offer many benefits and that you only need to wear them in jewelry to enjoy them? Treatment with stones (or stone therapy) is indeed an effective way to fight against loss of energy, inflammation and even stress on a daily basis.

What is lithotherapy?

In short, litho therapy is a way to heal yourself naturally using stones. This word is composed of two Greek words including lithos (stone) and therapeia (treatment). However, therapy through stones is much more than that. This means of treatment is not only based on stones but also on various forms of crystals and minerals: rough, polished or cut stones. Lithography is an ancestral way of treatment. Its echo can also be found in the treatment methods of other civilizations. It is becoming more and more popular in Europe today. For more information, please visit specialist websites such as Minerals Kingdom Co among others.

What are the virtues of natural stone?

What are the real benefits of stone? According to litho therapy, each stone emits its own energy which is good for us. This energy depends on its properties: level of purity, chemical composition, crystal geometry, color (also called chromotherapy)... The benefits of the stone are primarily mental and physical well-being which contributes to personal development. Indeed, the stones interact with your internal pulsations to give you back your self-confidence, soothe you and even help you to resist negative emotions (anxiety, jealousy and stress, etc.). Lithography does not replace conventional medicine but it can help its effects by creating a mental state conducive to rehabilitation. It also allows you to prevent ailments.

How to use these stones?

To benefit from the advantages of litho therapy, several uses are possible. Wearing stones like pendants, rings or even bracelets made of natural stone is one of the simplest and most effective ways to gain energy. Whether at home, in the office or in your pocket, bringing the stone closer to you is another effective way to feel energy, thanks to the falling stones, mineral blocks or minerals on supports. For best results, don't forget to recharge and purify the stones regularly. Indeed, when you use them, their energy will be consumed. You can use the natural energy of the sun, water or the moon for this.
What are the most sought after natural stones to wear as jewelry?
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