Exotic wood jewelry: a must-have in ethnic fashion

The vacations are coming soon, and you are still looking for jewelry and accessories to sublimate your summer outfits? THE trend of the moment is ethnic inspired jewelry, whether for necklaces, earrings, bracelets or even rings. Today we will focus a little more on ethnic style exotic wood jewelry which are simply perfect to perfect our fashionistas' looks... and accessible at reasonable prices.


Exotic wood jewelry represents an invitation to travel and share other cultures and materials. Bringing you closer to nature and bringing you elegance, style, and above all originality. These natural jewels can now be found just about everywhere (boutiques and stores), not to mention that they can even be hidden in our jewelry boxes . Ebony tiger, coconut, bayong, rose and palm tree are among the different trees with which these jewels can be made. Amateur of sober jewelry or more introverted jewelry, the exotic wood jewelry can adapt very well to your desires, your personality and in sum your outfits. Ethnic wooden jewels can be very discreet or on the contrary extravagant, simple and original. Also, with natural and economic raw materials, these ethnic jewels are marketed to generally accessible.


Various models of exotic wood jewelry: wooden earrings remain a reference in this field. These wooden earrings generally have a natural color, but can marry with other shades. Another flagship model of wooden jewelry is the necklace, more or less long and imposing. Exotic wood bracelets also remain a must. Usually, the wood goes well with gold or silver colors. Your exotic wood jewelry can also be adorned with other natural materials such as mother-of-pearl, amber, ornamental stones.


Your exotic wood jewelry does not require much maintenance: the wood that composes them naturally retains a nice shine with always this primary oily aspect. Moreover, contrary to white wood, exotic woods have kept most of their properties, as they only need a light polishing. Finally, exotic wood is less likely to crack. So, have no fear for a possible change in the appearance of the material of your exotic wood jewelry over time.
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